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18-Nov-2017 SpeedyBee
Fun With Lily May In The Kitchen Pt1

My good friend Lily May had come to see me and we were soon locked in a passionate embrace after a lot of kissing it was time for a drink so I got a bottle of p...

15-Nov-2017 SpeedyBee
Outdoor Fun With Mr G Pt2

Lily and I took it in turns to sit on his face before he decided it was time to fuck us and I was first to lay back on the table to get a good fucking while Lil...

11-Nov-2017 SpeedyBee
Outdoor Fun With Mr G Pt1

It was a Beautiful sunny day and I brought my friends Lily May and Mr G out on to the patio for some outdoor fun and we wasted no time in taking Mr Gs jeans off...

08-Nov-2017 SpeedyBee
Purple Bodice Pt2

Oh well you not here but never mind my big Pink Rabbit is close at hand and it slides in effortlessly pulsing and enlarging as it glides in and those bunny ears...

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