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23-Jun-2018 SpeedyBee
White Underwear

Here I am all in white with Sparkling Silver Shoes and Im on a blue Sofa in a local hotel and its time to play so first I get my tits out and squeeze my 38DD Ti...

20-Jun-2018 SpeedyBee
Two Dirty Lesbians Pt6

And for the finale we bring out my large double ender and I slide it deep into Summers cunt before I climb on board and burry my end deep inside me sliding clos...

16-Jun-2018 SpeedyBee
Two Dirty Lesbians Pt5

My Turn next and I bend over and Summer Finger Fucks my arse with her well lubed gloved hand before sliding in my vibrating Butt Plug which really feels soooo g...

13-Jun-2018 SpeedyBee
Two Dirty Lesbians Pt4

Now for some anal play and Summer spreads her legs wide as I lube up my gloved hand and finger her tight little arse hole which she really enjoys so next we try...

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