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05-Aug-2017 SpeedyBee
Playing On The Bed Pt2

Now its time to check out my new toys, I bought a new pink anal vibrating probe as well as a new Hand bag size mini magic wand and a new Big Black Rabbit so let...

02-Aug-2017 SpeedyBee
Playing On The Bed Pt1

I had been out Shopping and bought some new lingerie, all in Pink, I hope you like it but yes, I know you would rather see if off but just wait, I also bought s...

29-Jul-2017 SpeedyBee
Fun With Montse Pt6

We got into position and inserted the dildo and we each moved closer and closer to each other taking as much as we could of the dildo deep inside us, we fucked ...

26-Jul-2017 SpeedyBee
Fun With Montse Pt5

My turn next and I lay back as she started to get to work with my purple vibe, she thrust it in and out of my wanting cunt which was getting wetter and wetter a...

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