Formerly known as Charlotte Spencer, Lorna Blu is a sexy and voluptuous British MILF with mouth watering, all natural boobs. A real amateur porn queen in the making

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"BJ At The Opera"

I do like to think of myself as a respectable lady, dignified, at ease in all sorts of social situations and generally the epitome of class. The only trouble is my very refined exterior contains a rather naughty interior Lorna, one that really enjoys indulging her sensuality and her sexuality. So sometimes when the mood takes me I do indulge myself! I recall one night I was accompanying a gentleman friend on an outing to the opera. The dress was not a problem for me, and if I say so myself I looked rather fetching!
We took some photos before going out, which seemed to cause my gentleman friend a few difficulties. I was coyness itself of course, but there was no getting away from the fact that my outfit tended to draw attention to my chest - specifically the large areas of juicy, lickable flesh with that oh-so-tempting valley that seems to fascinate men so much! His difficulties included eyes out on stalks, tongue dropping down to obscure his bow tie and a certain rigidity in his trousers. Giving a man a hard-on is always something I enjoy, and the photos got a little more tantalising. I can be such a tease sometimes!
I finished off my glass of wine and was just about to tell him that we ought to be going when he started getting frisky! He's a very good kisser, very polite but still nicely in charge when it comes to deep tongue kisses, and as I closed my eyes I could feel myself starting to respond, if you know what I mean. I squirmed, but as I felt him place his warm hand on my frankly slightly chilly breast it was as if a switch was flicked. I don't normally do self-discipline, but the truth is I was looking forward to the show so I told him to behave - a remark I was partly addressing to my naughty self! - and that there would be plenty of time for him to have me later on. He looked a little crestfallen at first, so I hinted there would be something a little special coming his way.
The meal before we went into the evening's entertainmentpassed off well, and with arms linked we went into the box that had been assigned to us.
Owing to a little fluke with the tickets, my date and I found ourselves alone in our box, and whether it was the wine, the company,the music I'm not normally a major opera fan! or that little hint of pleasure postponed from earlier in the evening, I started feeling the urge I mentioned, the need to get a little more involved, starting to make its presence felt as the first half got under way.
Went down was the operative term! I don't suppose this is a common problem, but there is not too much you can do in a crowded opera house without drawing attention to yourself remember lots of people there have binoculars!, and while I do sometimes go in for sex in public places I was aiming to be a little more refined this time round. I decided a little oral fun would be just about right though, and as the rather buxom soprano went into an aria I secretly unzipped my male friend and sent my neatly-varnished fingertips on a voyage of exploration in his underwear.
It didn't take long for me to discover the wildlife I had been seeking, and after giving him some gentle finger-tip strokes, I eased his cock out of his fly, gave its thickening shaft one or two strokes to firm things up even more, then calmly dropped my head into his lap, so he could appreciate my tonsils as well as hers.
Things went well - I had been keeping him nicely on the boil during dinner - and just as she went into raptures before jumping off the battlements or something I felt the tell-tale stiffening of his thighs and positioned myself to receive the fruits of my labours in my mouth.
It was a slightly unusual orgasm he had - he seemed to be coming quite slowly, but prolifically. His sperm kept flowing, and I kept my mouth in place, trying to catch as much in my mouth as I could, waiting for a pause so I could swallow the evidence.I thought he had finished, but it turned out he was still shooting, so as I took my lips away from his cock things were still in flow, so to speak, and a fair dollop went into my cleavage, unseen. I lifted my head, tapping his shoulder so he looked round to watch while I dealt with it. If you've never had a mature blonde make eye contact while she swallows, do please get in touch. It can really set a guy up for round two, I find!
We watched on until the interval, then when the house lights came up we stood up, applauded then started making our way downstairs to the bar for interval drinks. We were on the first landing below our box when my date caught sight of my predicament and hissed to me to turn towards him. I'm not sure what people made of him as he took his handkerchief out and dabbed as innocently as he could at my left breast, but nobody said anything. Very discreet these opera-goers!
You'll be pleased to hear that we made it through the second half without incident, though my urges got a little strongeras the evening wore on, and though I did manage to resist the urge to have him cowgirl style before the end of the performance, it didn't take us long to get back behind closed doors come the finale and do just that. Our clothes stayed on as we kept unzipping and unfastening to the absolute minimum required, and I avoided the risk of a repeat of the accidental pearl necklace by making sure he came somewhere nice and out of sight!

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