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Spring is currently doing its best to drive out those beastly chills, but I'd like you to imagine yourself in a place where anything more than a thin cotton shirt is going to be uncomfortable.
It doesn't take long for you to learn not to move any more than you have to, and also to appreciate the cool, gentle breeze blowing inside some of the traditional buildings they have here.This evening you find yourself invited to one building in particular, a place where your questions to the friend who brought you here are answered only in a knowing smile and a request to wait and see.
You are shown into a room where a group of men are sitting on low stools, drinking the strong, sweet coffee that is popular here. There is a gentle murmur of anticipation in the room, just audible above the music playing through discreet speakers.The music increases in volume, and then the door opens and a woman enters the room. What she is wearing is traditional, explains your friend, but it is a tradition some way from the normal standards of modesty you'd see outdoors.
'She comes to dance for us all tonight,' you are told, 'First to dance for all, then later to dance for one alone.'
The dance starts slowly as she makes around the room, her face a beaming smile to each man in turn, the flutter of her hips - and other curves! - emphasised by the metallic swish of the coin-like trinkets on her clothing. When each man has been teased - did you get a special little smile from her just there - she gives herself more to the dance.
The music has changed now, the languid pipes more urgent somehow, and something that is almost a drum marking an insistent pitched beat in each bar, a beat that in its fall invites you to dip, or to rise up. Or to thrust...
You tell your friend that you thought that it was normally the younger girls who danced in this way. He is dismissive.
'Ha! For the tourists, maybe. For this dance, and for the dance that is to come for one alone, one needs a real woman. A woman who knows all the ways of pleasing men.'
The men lean forward, some licking their lips. The costume has become skimpier, the coin-laden top pushed down to take the place of the discarded silky pants. Bare-breasted now, she pushes her chest out to men she selects from the crowd, nipples inches from the open mouths that would love to taste them. The music is pulsing faster and faster, and the blonde teases her audience withfleeting touches of her fingers against that most secret of places.The thud of the bass has accelerated, and her hips react to each note, the symbolism too blatant to ignore. The whole room is hanging on her movements, watching her as she acts out what each hopes will come to him later, till with a crash the music falls uncannily silent - the woman stands, panting, eyes closed, head back, breasts thrust out, back arched,as if frozen at the point of climax. Then she stands up, smiles gently at all her audience, bows her head a little and walks sedately to the door.
'And now'
Your voice is more urgent than you thought it would be.
'Now we go to our rooms and wait. She will decide who will see the second dance. And what a dance it will be for him that is chosen! I have heard it said that she can draw the seed from a man seven times before the sun rises...'
The group of men breaks up, and they climb upstairs to a balcony that looks down on the empty dance chamber. You follow and watch as each goes to his own room. You open the door to your room, and see a shaded corridor leading to the bedroom, lit only by what comes into the room from the balcony.
There is more coffee in the room, and the sounds of the busy evening street life filter through the shuttered windows. You take a sip of the coffee and wonder how the dancer chooses her lover. Your mind wanders a little, and at first you hardly notice the room is that little bit brighter. You turn and see the door is open, and there is a figure framed in the light.
The dancer has chosen.


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