Formerly known as Charlotte Spencer, Lorna Blu is a sexy and voluptuous British MILF with mouth watering, all natural boobs. A real amateur porn queen in the making sex chat

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"Dinner Date With A Difference"

My latest photos are of me getting ready for a meeting with a difference! For a while now I have been thinking of approaching some budding models to help out with some content sharing. Now, before any of you gentlemen goes all gallant and volunteers his services, let me just point out that I was only interested in a female-female arrangement to begin with.I did a little background research, browsing ladies on AW hmm, I wonder if I can put this down as a business expense and in the end settled on a lovely petite redhead from Yorkshire. We exchanged a couple of emails, which were all very pleasant, and in the end arranged to meet over a meal one day to get to know each other a little better.
Come the day I spent a little while deciding what I should wear for my dinner date. The effect I was after was approachable, sensible, with a hint of availability. Just to spell it out, I meant availability in more than one way! My low-cut tops are a favourite way of me getting a new lover's attention and letting them know that if they play their cards right, I probably will. I also found myself thinking of what might happen, and decided that if anything sexual did start, we wouldn't need to spend too long getting down to the nitty-gritty. After all we are both busy ladies, and while I like little better than slowly and sensually teasing a man into a frenzy of anticipation on an escort meeting, I thought this particular meeting might benefit from a quicker approach. Do you approve of my choices
One thing I picked up quite early on is that Claire is naturally dominant. I wondered what might happen and how it might feel to submit to her, and I must confess that having spent a moment making sure my pussy was easily accessible through my lovely white body, I enjoyed a little me time, thinking of her hands on me. I definitely set off for my trip with a naughty glow on my cheeks!
I met Claire at the pre-arranged spot she was just as she looked in the pictures, though not as stern as she appears in some of them. Having said that I can imagine she would not take too kindly to being crossed. We were about to go into the restaurant when she leaned in to me in a conspiratorial fashion and said,
'Now Lorna, I think you're a highly attractive woman, and I agree what you're suggesting could work out very nicely for both of us. But you do need to understand where I'm coming from, and I do need to feel confident you understand the way I work. So, we're going to have something of a little dry run here tonight.So, with that in mind I have a little challenge for you. I'd like you to get in the back seat of my car for a few moments.'
I was a little puzzled, but did as I was told. Claire took a seat in the front, and turned to look back at me from the driving seat.
'Good! Now, you'll see that there is someone else in the car besides the two of us. His name is Stephen, but you don't have to talk to him or interact with him. You just have to let him follow his orders.'
I was a little puzzled, but also a little turned on. Stephen sat motionless and silent, a figure larger than either of us by some way but seemingly totally inert. Licking her lips a little, Claire gave her first order.
'Stephen, this is Lorna. I want you to feel her tits.'
I gasped a little as the large hand came across and landed on my right breast, taking hold of me in a far from tender way.
'Both of them now, Stephen. Don't do half a job.'
He switched his attentions to my left side, and pawed me in a similarly clumsy fashion.
'No, Mistress Claire.'
'Let me just check. Move a bit this way, will you, Lorna Obviously, I never let him touch me and he mightjust get carried away with the novelty.'
I sat up in the car, leaning forward so Claire could feel me up as well. From the front seat, she could use both hands on my bosom and she seemed to do so with relish.
'Good! I do like to be certain one always feels a little more reticent when one is dealing with silicon. With natural tits, you don't have to worry about repairs the same way.'
She let the implications of that sink in a second, though with a twinkle in her eye that made me wonder what was for real and what was for effect.She let go of me, a little reluctantly, and busied herself with something in the glove compartment.
'OK, Stephen, I want to see Lorna's pussy. Lift her skirt up and get any underwear out of the way. But you are not to touch her without my permission. Do you understand
'Yes, Mistress.'
'And Lorna, you are to let him do this. Do nothing to make it any harder or easier. Do you understand'
'Yes, Mistress.'
I copied Stephen's intonation, and Claire gave a little smile.
Stephen lifted my skirt, and after a little uncertainty managed to expose me as requested.
'She'll probably need to be a little wetter,' said Claire, matter-of-factly, 'I'd like you to eat her pussy for a moment or two and try to get some juices flowing.'
'Yes, Mistress.'
Stephen turned out to be surprisingly good with his mouth, and despite the shock of a total stranger performing oral sex on me in the back of another stranger's car I found myself responding quite quickly.
'That's enough, Stephen, we don't want her to actually have an orgasm, now do we'
'No, Mistress.'
I noticed I wasn't asked for my views on the arrangement!
'Very good! Now take this little toy here and put it into her vagina.'
'Yes, Mistress.'
The little toy turned out to be a love egg. Thanks to what my fellow passenger had just done it slipped inside me quite easily, even though it was not exactly as little as she had said.
'Now put her clothes back in order, Stephen.'
'Yes, Mistress.'
Claire watched as I was made respectable once more, then smiled at me.
'Good! Stephen has clearly already eaten tonight, so he can stay here while we go for our meal. Shall we go'
'Yes, Mistress.'
Claire laughed a little.
'It's just Claire, in public my darling! Tonight, we are just two old friends, catching up. Well, apart from this, of course.'
She must have pressed something in her hand that I hadn't seen. I suddenly felt the egg come alive inside me, whirring and throbbing. I gave a little moan as the motor worked to bring me off. A second later and the sensation was gone, just leaving the weight of the toy.
'Did you hear anything, Stephen'
'No, Mistress.'
'Excellent! So the only people who will know what you are experiencing, Lorna, will be you and me! Thoughof course, anyone in the restaurant who might observe your reactions will have a good guess, I imagine. So do try not to get too carried away when I let my fingers wander! Oh, and don't worry! The battery is only good for...thirty minutes.'
We went into the restaurant, arm in arm, with naughty Claire giving me a little buzz just at the second when heads turned to see who was coming in. Our conversation was definitely one of the most interesting I have ever had, and though I can't remember everything that we discussed I certainly found out that you don't have to be tied up and on the receiving end of a riding crop to be utterly in someone's sexual control.
I am a little ashamed to say I had a When Harry met Sally moment that I tried passing off as enthusiasm for my creme brulee. As a forfeit, I had to return the oral sex that Stephen had performed on me. Poor lad, I don't think he gets that kind of opportunity too often, judging by the mouthful Claire made me swallow! I think I passed Claire's first test - I am still waiting to find out the next step!


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