Gangbang Momma

Gangbang Momma - A young and curvy Texas momma who just loves wild group sex with older experienced guys

A young and curvy Texas momma who just loves wild group sex with older experienced guys

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Hubby dressed me up like a man to mount me like a dog. It's kind of the opposite of slutty lingerie, since it's boxer shorts, a white Oxford, t-shirt more... and tie. The tie is a nice tough, though the rest of it wasn't so flattering. Still, it's not every day you get to see something pink framed this way, so I hope you enjoy it. We're just trying to entertain you, as I'm sure you can guess, and juding by the number and density of stains under your desk, I'd say we're winning. Keep up the good work, Monkey-Spanker!
011 Drinking Sperm From April of 2003, it's the ultimate form of humiliation and disgrace, a man cumming in a woman's mouth and making her show it off to a bunch of perverted strangers! I hope you're proud of yourself putting me through this, PERVERT, 'cuz hubby wouldn't do this to me, if you weren't there to watch. This is all your fault! You make my pussy wet and my clitoris hard, and that gets me in all kinds of trouble! I bet I'm going to have some 'splainin' to do at the end of the ride. Some of the things we do together MUST be again' Beejeebus! Not to mention what all of YOU are doing to yourselves when looking. SPANKY!
012 A Ho With a Hoe In this selection from April of 2003, I play gardener bitch. I get a hoe, then I play the 'ho'. So, I'm a 'ho with a hoe. That's right, it's a disgusting form of pornographic amusement. Hubby wanted to plow my fields, but I think a woman with a long-handled, sharp-bladed weapon really put him off. What is it about a man that makes his pecker shrink at the sight of a blade Could it be flashbacks to birth and circumcision Mommy, what is that strange man going to do with that scalpel He's going to do what OH NO! KEEP IT AWAY, MOMMY! KEEP IT AWAY! But I'm glad it happened, actually, since I like a circumcised penis better. It makes their big, purple heads sweeter and easier to get to!

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