Formerly known as Charlotte Spencer, Lorna Blu is a sexy and voluptuous British MILF with mouth watering, all natural boobs. A real amateur porn queen in the making

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"Jeans & Feet"

I had a rather unusual experience a couple of weeks back that showed me that tastes really do vary! It was an overnight visit to someone I had seen years back, in my Charlotte Spencer days. Owing to a neighbourhood watch scheme that my friend Mark claimed ran training courses for the KGB, he asked that I be discreet on arrival. That is a given with me, I am the soul of discretion as a matter of course, but then he threw a minor spanner in the works by asking me not to bring a large overnight bag. I do like to have something a little more alluring for when we get behind closed doors, you see, so the two requests was a little challenge for me, but after a bit of wardrobe planning I was very pleased with the results, so pleased in fact that I asked him to take the photoset you see here so you could get the benefit of it!

The black leather jacket is the height of modesty in some ways, but when you consider how many people are fans of leather in a more intimate sense, it hints nicely at a slightly lively persona. That and the way its sheen catches the light - I don't think I've ever seen a female chest that didn't look a little better in leather, don't you agree
So, in my mind the Lorna who turned up at Mark's door was outwardly respectable with a hint of horny, which is pretty much me to a 'T'! He certainly liked the look, and willingly took on the role of photographer. He led me the way to a spare room he had got ready for me for changing purposes. Of course, there was a bed in it, which came in handy, so to speak. But I'm getting ahead of myself!

I like my opening look of leather jacket and boots with blue jeans, it's something timeless, demureand also nicely figure-hugging. There's also a certain knowing expression in that photo - I know he wants to have me, he knows that I am metaphorically walking into his lair which means I'm going to let him - and that photo captures the delicious tension where we both know we are going to fuck...I know I get undressed in the later photos, but that is the picture I would like to be in if I was the guy. What do you think

I'm smiling in the next shot when I take the jacket off because I'm really pleased with what I am wearing underneath. A nice low neckline, it's informal, a good fit and it has that tasteful light embroidered pattern that naturally draws the eye to the centre of my chest. Or maybe it isn't that that draws the eye there, but it certainly gives the eye an excuse to be looking in that direction!

The knee raised shot was a little in-joke - Mark had told me he quite fancied having a knee-trembler with me up against the wall. Things got a little naughtier after that, and as my clothes started coming off the respectable, demure Lorna vanished as we got into our photographic foreplay. The unusual experience started about the time my jeans and panties came off. I couldn't peel the jeans down while the boots were still in place, but once I was naked from the waist down I decided I was keeping that top on as long as I could! I saw a slightly quizzical expression crossing his face. There isn't a photo of this, but right after that first shot where I'm kneeling, facing awayfrom the camera, Mark leaned over and kissed the sole of my foot.

I've never done that before,' he said, 'do you mind if I do it some more'

It startled me a little, but I told him it was fine by me, so after each of the next few shots he would kiss my foot. Ittickled slightly, but it was very pleasant, and the idea I was opening up a new area of sexuality for him started to get to me, if you know what I mean. Though to be fair, part of the turn-on came when he took a picture of me with both feet and my bottom showing. I put my hand onto my bottom, pulling the cheek gently to one side, and after taking the photo Mark moved to the bed, kissed my left foot, then my right, then I felt the warmth of his breath as he moved up my thigh, and delicately put his tongue into my bottom. It was quite a turn on, and my immediate reaction was to turn over and play with myself a little, slipping fingers into my moist pussy in anticipation of himentering me.

Mark had unzipped by now and was stroking a nice, uncircumcised cock, but although I was expecting him to pounce on me, he asked if it was ok just to carry on like that. Again, I said it was fine, provided he didn't mind me filming it! We quickly set up the camera, then I laid back on the bed, whispering sweet but dirty nothings to him as I offered my feet to him as a target for his 'tribute'.A good, hard fuck is always welcome, but there was a delightful intimacy to the situation. I looked on approvingly while a man who fancied me couldn't help but masturbate at the effect my body was having on him. I told him I needed his spunk on my toes, then looked straight into his eyes as he made himself orgasm for me. Generally, I like to see the outcome itself, but in this case, I enjoyed watching the way his expression changed as he ejaculated onto me. I didn't need to see to know that he was coming in a long ooze of hot juice that flowed over the top of my foot and between my toes, some dripping onto the bedclothes as I wiggled my toes to spread his sperm further.

There was such a lot of his semen on my feet that I thought I might have to fall back on there are other things we can do, but I needn't have worried!We had a gorgeously horny night, with two nice, hard fucks and a lot of oral action. He didn't say much about our opening session, but I'm hoping that we have another session soon. I'm dying to see what happens when I give him a foot job!

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