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"Nurse Lorna's Home Visit"

Isn't it nice when you can combine more than one sort of pleasure82328232I thought this recently when I went to visit a particularly dear friend of mine. We had originally planned to meet the week before, but then he fell victim to one of these colds that have been doing the rounds recently, and a couple of days before we were due to meet I got a sniffly phone call from him saying we would have to postpone. We were both disappointed, and I offered to come round and be a night nurse to him, to make sure he was nicely settled into bed and getting plenty of fluids and so on. We joked about it a little, then he said,82328232I have a better idea, Lorna.82328232Go on... he had intrigued me, and I love being intrigued!82328232Well, it seems to me it would make more sense if you came round once I was better, and we could both enjoy Nurse Lorna's visit properly.82328232Which is how a few days later I came to be wearing my lovely, shiny new white nurse's uniform and matching white stockings. My patient had been prescribed bed rest, though it was clear that he had only taken the first half of that particular message on board. I spent a little while showing how nicely the outfit fitted, but it seemed even the evidence of his own eyes wasn't enough for him - he had to touch as well.82328232Perhaps my decision to comment on how difficult it was to get the top fastened drew attention to my cleavage and looking back on it now my attempt to make sure his underpants were nice and smooth could have been misinterpreted. All I know is that he gave a kind of moan at one point, just as I was fluffing up his pillows, and the next thing I knew was his hand was helping itself to a far from accidental grope of my bottom. I didn't say anything at first, as a nurse I didn't want my patient to get in any trouble, and after a few seconds his fingers slid gently down the silk-clad back of my thigh.82328232I took a deep breath and leaned across his face, trying to reach the far corner of a pillow that was just a little too crumpled for my liking. My view on these matters is that if you're going to fluff something you should do so properly, and the last thing you want when you're doing so is something sitting limply when it should be nice and proud and stiff. Obviously, this had the side-effect of pressing his face directly between my breasts - I maybe should mention the scent I had just dabbed in there - and in hindsight it is quite possible I was actually suffocating him. But even if he was on the way to a novel coroner's verdict - embosomed to death - he was very nice about it, gently prising my cleavage from his face with his hands.8232And that was about the point we gave up on the play acting and just got down to the sex! I threw back the bedclothes, ran my fingers over the growing bulge in his underwear, then having freed his cock from his pants began to give him the kind of look, no hands blowjob that so many men seem to enjoy. I know there was another moan from him, but I think it was more the feeling of my bright red lips slowly working their way down his length.82328232I don't usually go in for gagging deep throat when I take a man's cock into my mouth, but I surprised myself a little this time just how much of his penis was inside my head. I gave a couple of tentative strokes, pulling back till just the head was between my lips, then going down once more till I felt it gently entering the top of my throat. I even toyed with the idea of letting him come there, just pumping his jizz straight into my stomach and bypassing the taste buds, but then my pussy decided my neck shouldn't be getting all the fun!82328232I sat on his lap, allowing the tip of his cock to slide along the length of my surprisingly wet pussy lips, then lifting one leg a little I lined him up and slowly sank down, feeling myself stretch as he slipped inside me. I grinned and began to ride him slowly, thinking how good a long, leisurely fuck would be, when all of a sudden, he began to twitch underneath me. His hands flew up to my chest and gave my tits a good mauling and I felt him pushing up inside me as he shot the first of several strong jets of cum right up me. I looked down him as sternly as I could manage under the circumstances it is quite nice to think you've made a man lose control so spectacularly, you know! and told him I hoped he had more where that came from, as I wasn't going to let him out of my cunt until he had got hard again and fucked me properly this time.82328232You know what I didn't. And he did! And that's the importance of keeping your fluid levels up!


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