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"White Lacey"

My latest photo offering is called Lorna in Lacy White, I do hope that Lacey White isn't a porn star name. It sounds as if it could be! If so, maybe she'd like to work with me - a threesome with Lorna Blu and Lacey White sounds a very colourful affair!
In these photos I'm in a more reflective frame of mind. In a recent post I told you about a fantasy I had after a meeting with a much younger chap, where I imagined showing him some pointers on how to please a mature woman like yours truly. That set me thinking about a naughty interlude I could have with a much more considerate lover.
You are my favourite lover. You know instinctively that love-making is not an Olympic sport, where prizes are awarded for things like the longest, the thickest, the hardest and the fastest, but a meeting of two minds and bodies, with a common purpose of giving and receiving a pleasure that is like no other.
OK, there is something to be said for three bodies or more, but for this meeting I'm sticking to basics!
You've already slipped into something cool and comfortable - the soft sheets on the bed we are going to share tonight. Dinner was delightful, and the wine - just enough to loosen any inhibitions, not so much as to impair performance - has had the desired effect.I can see you're longing to fuck me, but when I tell you I thought we'd try something a little different, you know enough to go along with me. You know I will be worth it.
I slide into bed beside you, then tell you to take hold of your cock. As you do, I hold my fingertips up to your lips. You kiss them I smile wickedly and put my hand down between my legs, gently touching my way into those precious, sensitive parts. Like a mind reader, you begin to stroke yourself.
I know you like hearing me talk dirty, so I lean across and whisper to you as you watch the fingers you just kissedgently penetrate myself,
You see, I've already got some of your juices inside my cunt. So, there's no need to hurry, now is there
You stroke a bit harder when you hear me say that word. You know I prefer softer words, but the thrill of hearing my pretty mouth say the C word turns you on, and turning you on turns me on. You can't see directly, but the twitch of your cock makes me a little bit wetter. We carry on, side by side, our arms touching just a little as we masturbate together - you thinking of me, me thinking of you. There is a brief silence, then I ask what we should do next.
I'm not asking you what you have always wanted most of all to do in your entire life ever and you know that. You know I'm asking about this moment here and now - this moment, the two of us and perhaps the novelty of something we've never done before. I can see your hand moving a little faster as you think - I know you have one or two very naughty foibles! - and in truth my hands speed up a little as we each imagine what the other wants. I can beverybroad-minded when the fancy takes me, you know. And tonight, side by side, the fancy is definitely taking me. All you have to do is whisper back to me and tonight, in this bed, it will happen. And then you say the most erotic thing I can think of, a thing that gets the juices flooding over my fingers and nearly makes me come right there and then. You say,
Surprise me.
You know I have some very naughty foibles as well, and you know that tonight could just be the night when you discover I know how to do some things you have never tried, not because you never wanted to but because you never knew you wanted to.I'm tempted to tell you I have around 50 metres of soft, strong rope in my overnight bag, just to see how your cock twitches at the thought of being a willing victim for my lesser-seen dominant urges. No I think I have the very thing! Our hands move faster as I describe what I would do with you, given the chance. You look excited! The thought is the trigger I need - almost from nowhere the heat and tension of a powerful orgasm burst over me.
I know you're watching, you know I want you, you know I know you want to please me, I've just told you a secret about what I want to do with you and all of a sudden, it's too much for you as well. You turn sideways, and most of your ejaculation spatters my thighs and belly, but there's a lot on the sheets that cover you.
I think you're thinking about us getting up to change the sheets, but then you see me smile and move over to take your place is the sticky, sexy mess that is my bed and you know that means we both know that round two is coming very soon, and what we will do!
So that is what we would do if you were here tonight, my love...


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