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"Lorna & The Knicker Nicker"

You know, I'm coming to the conclusion that there must be some kind of inherited trait in my family that causes unconventional sexual behaviour. I will have a great deal more to say about one of my nephews in an upcoming post, but for now I'm just going to confine myself toJoe and his unusual urges!

Nothing too extreme, I hasten to add, but quite recently when he dropped by, he gave me the impression he was a man on a mission. Nothing I could exactly put my finger on, you understand, but he seemed slightly distracted while we were catching up on family matters. I did ask him if he was alright and he assured me he was, then blamed a hot flatbread he had for lunch for giving him indigestion.

His explanation made sense to me, though to be frank I've always had a kind of lovehate relationship when it comes to hot food. This goes back to an early would-be boyfriend who didn't think through the implications of cooking us a romantic meal with a large amount of chilli in it. The meal definitely had what I guess was the desired effect in that it got me into bed with him afterwards, but the blow job with added chilli that he received was a little hotter than was perhaps appropriate for a sensitive part of a guy's anatomy!

Getting back to Joe and his distracted behaviour,he when he asked to be excused for a little while I took it for granted that it was a call of nature after lunch! I sat waiting by myself for a while, then started getting concerned that perhaps there was something seriously wrong. Slightly alarmed I set off towards the bathroom, trying to think of a diplomatic way of asking what might be a very embarrassing question. Then I heard a faint noise from another room and found myself having to ask an altogether different embarrassing question!

'What are you doing in my underwear drawer'

It was a bit of a silly question really, as I had just watched him carefully examining first one and then another pair of panties. It got a much sillier answer though, as he dropped the offending garments back into the drawer and gently but speedily pushed it shut before first apologising, then denying he'd been there in the first place! We both knew he had been caught red-handed though, and with a mixture of amusement and a strange reaction that got me tingling slightly - I don't know why! - I pressed him on it, asking what he thought he was up to.

'You don't want to know.'

Hmm. Tingling slightly more now,I chuckled and told him I did. I was hoping there was an illicit edge to the search through his auntie's underwear.I looked as stern as I could, and in the meantime hoped that it was the owner rather than the panties that had fired his interest.

'Well, when you have such a sexy auntie...'

Now, I wasn't going to argue with that, was I My nephew's visit was taking a rather unexpected but none the less welcome turn for the horny! I moved a little closer, with the intention of exploring his reaction to some of the things I had in other drawers, but before I could mention the first item of lingerie, he surprised me a little by saying, slightly more quietly but with a hint of emphasis,

'Very sexy.'

Looking back on it now it seems to me he was looking to assert a little control over events. 'Very sexy' clearly meant, 'You haven't thrown me out, so you can't be all that upset. I've just told you that I fancy you, so you must know that I want to fuck you. How about it'

Truth be told I quite liked the idea! My most recent partners had been older gentlemen, and while that was thoroughly enjoyable I felt in need of a little variety, a little fresh meat, if you know what I mean. Joe fitted the bill nicely! Feeling myself react to the situation, I started by asking if he would like to see and maybe feel my stockings and suspenders.

What did I say earlier about silly questions I saw him look sideways at the chest of drawers, then he looked back at me and the broad grin I was wearing and understood. We both got to our feet. A quick glance in the direction of Joe's groin told me that he wasn't averse to sex with his mother in law's sister then he bent down slightly as I put my arms up to encircle his neck then settled with my hands on his shoulders.

The first kiss was a little tentative! I imagined that he didn't want to break the spell of my being in his arms at last, but then his hands slid down to fondle my buttocks, and when I didn't slap his face he decided perhaps something a little more intimate was in order. I pushed close to his face with my mouth open and he quickly dropped his head to one side and slipped his tongue into my mouth. I made sure he could feel me purring, then just to make sure he knew I was calling some shots as well I put my hand to his groin, took hold of his cock and slid my fingers to and fro a couple of times, enjoying the way he stiffened between my fingertips.Almost ready to fuck, but I thought to myself it would be good if he was a little bit harder. Fortunately, I had the very thing, if I could get his tongue out of it.

His hands slipped under my dress and then inside my panties, his palms soft and warm on my bum cheeks as his fingers kneaded the flesh of my arse. I don't know if he knew that is one of my favourite ways to get lubricated, but I guess he could tell from the involuntary shudder that I was eager to have him. I had a short tussle with the fastening on his jeans, then slid them down and knelt in front of him, smiling. His cock made a large diagonal bulge in the grey pants he had on, and I rubbed him once more over the fabric, then sent my hand in at the bottom of his shorts, feeling the warmth of his flesh in my hands. I had thought to tease him a little this way, but my pussy was getting a little more eager, so I put my other hand into the waistband of his pants, then peeled them down, freeing a good, fat cock. A quick lick of the tip to see if he tasted good - he did! - then naughty auntie took her nephew's cock deep into her mouth and began to suck.

Of course, I don't mind if a guy comes in my mouth, and I also like to watch when I've sucked a guy to the point of no return and his cock is twitching and spurting over my face and tits, but the way I was feeling today this cock was going inside me first! That meant I slowed down on the blow job, before I had anything to swallow, and tried to get Joe to pay a bit more attention to me. He didn't need much encouragement, freeing my breastsfrom the low-cut neckline I had chosen to wear that day, then bending to suckle from nipples that were jutting, begging for kissing, licking and gentle! biting while I slowly kept his cock hard with my hand.I knelt in front of him again, sucked him gently for a moment, then innocently asked if he'd mind if Auntie gave him a quick titfuck

I reckon when he heard me talking in that way we were seconds away from an episode I'd have had to call Lorna gets a spermy bosom, but the crisis passed and he got a few pleasant thrusts with his cock between my tits, before I told him enough was enough on that score. I wanted that cock somewhere else!

He stripped naked while I made myself a bit more comfortable on the bed. I felt a little sluttish as I opened my legs for him, pulling my feet up to open myself wider. I knew I was plenty moist enough for what we both had in mind, but I was pleased to see he was happy to put his mouth on me to make sure! Looking back on it now I would say his oral techniquewas very good indeed and I think my impatience worked against me there! If he was at all surprised at how quickly Auntie found and unwrapped a condom he didn't show it, merely smiling as I unrolled it over his length then laid back with an air of anticipation.

He looked at me as I coyly bit my lower lip and fluttered my eyelashes. His erection moved closer...closer...closer, but not close enough or quickly enough for my liking. With a twinge of frustration, I took hold of his cock, steered it to where I wanted it, then pulled him towards me. With a wicked grin the bastard pushed it inside me, pulled back as if a little reluctant, then slid himself all the way home into me. I caught his eye as I breathed out, reacting as I felt him fully home, stretching me. He had been teasing me back! We both smiled, relieved that the starters were finally out of the way and we could get down to the meat course in earnest!

I don't know why, but I was a little surprised at how good a fuck he was! It was lovely to feel him inside me, and within seconds that loveliness turned into intense sensation as he gave me a highly satisfactory orgasm. He settled into a nice pace, steady and highly enjoyable, and I saw the look of pleasure on his face as his beloved Auntie closed her eyes, shoved her tits in his face and told him to fuck her harder as she came again!

Hekept moving inside me through my second climax and could sense myself building up to a third when I felt his rhythm change. I had thought I might put my feet behind him and pull him into me when he came, but on the spur of the moment I decided I really wanted to see him blow his load.

'No, not yet,' I said, 'I want you to come on me, not up me. Please come on my face!'

I think the wanton tone of voice of his prim and proper Auntie telling him to mess up her facedid the trick. He pulled out, panting and I peeled the rubber off in seconds flat, chucking it on the floor beside the bed. I stroked my naked breasts as he took himself in hand, lifting them up to make them into a voluptuous aiming point for his juice. Then I realised how far he'd have to shoot to hit my tits and face, and I decided to turn round to get nearer.

From the grunts he wasmaking I could tell he was getting close, so I looked up into his eyes and smiled as I reassure him that yes, Auntie did want her nephew to spunk on her face.I propped myself on my hands and bent to bring my face ready for his hot seed.In the final seconds I smiled at him, licked my lips and opened my mouth to take his cum, offering him my tongue as a target. With a moan nature took its course. He made a noise that was half yell, half moan and I knew he was gone, as he fired jet after jet of hot cream into my mouth and onto my cheek and chin. I intended to swallow as much as I could, but he came so much that a good bit dribbled from my mouth and splashed on the cover. Shame really, I was thinking I might dribble some onto my tits and get him hard for a second fuck, but I think we were both happy how things turned out! I closed my mouth and took his juice down, then pulled him close for a friendly kiss. I was pleased to see he didn't hesitate at all. Naughty little nephew!

It was about that point when I wondered about that wayward sex gene that I mentioned at the start of this story, the one that I thought affected my family, if you remember I was just wondering if I could persuade him to share a spunky French kiss with his Auntie sometime, when I realised that he was an in law, not an actual relative. Of course, that doesn't rule out the naughty gene, it just means that it's only me that has it, not him! So, the idea of doing a cumswap kiss with a guy doesn't have to be with a relative at all, does it

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