Beach Baby

The sun has come out, and therefore, so has my favourite costume. Lets pretend were on holiday together Weve spent the morning visiting the local market for some fresh fruit and veg, then wander up and down the cobbledy streets, checking out the quaint little shops. We stop for a morning coffee and some fresh orange. The sun is really hotting up now, so we take a stroll along the beach, dodge the waves and take in the lovely scenery and fresh sea air. All this walking in the heat phew, definitely time to head for the beach bar. A nice cold beer, a spot of lunch with a bottle of wine to share of course, and then . Its siesta time 128522The hotel room is nicely air-conditioned. We are both feeling very mellow and horny after the wine. You can watch while I tease you for a while Ill seductively take off my Sarong and fondle my breasts beneath my costume. I can feel my nipples getting harder with the touch and the anticipation. I slowly release them from the costume, and you watch as I play with my nipples. I can see youre keen to join in, your cock is straining to get out of your shorts, but I decide to keep you panting a little longer I sit on the chair, put my hand inside the costume and play with my pussy for a while its feeling so wet and juicy now, I pull the crotch of the costume to one side and show you just how horny Im feeling. This is all too much for you - youre desperate to join in the fun. Even foreplay might be asking a bit much You rip off your shorts and manage a rather hurried suck on my nipples while you feel inside my pussy ... Oh yes, that pussy is very wet and ready to be fucked. You coax me towards the bed, bend me over and push your rock-hard cock inside my delicious juicy cunt. Oh God, thats amazing I gasp, So lovely and deep. I put my hand between my legs to touch and tease your balls as you slowly slide your cock in and out in a very controlled way. I need you to fuck me hard and fast I beg. Its amazing I can hear the slapping of flesh as you pound yourself into me. Cum for me darling I cry I want to feel you shooting your spunk, and you do Leaving me with a very sticky pussy and gooey thighs as the cum drips down.Now you can enjoy the photos and join me on holiday Sweet Kisses,Stay HornyLove Lorna xxx -  (Gallery) 

LornaBlu - Beach Baby

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Kim Wands Tempest

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KimberlyScott - Kim Wands Tempest

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Johnathans video toying my pussy and fingering my ass

Hey Johnathan. Here is part 2 of your sexy shoot. Having got my pussy nice and juicy for you, its out with my favourite toy to take me to a huge orgasm. -  (Video) 

JoleneDevil - Johnathans video  toying my pussy and fingering my ass

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On The Couch Pt1

Gilly Here and its time for some filthy playtime, I really can be totally outrageous so if you dont believe me just watch especially if you are turned on by Hot Horny MILFs who love to wear stockings and who have all natural Curves and nice big all natural tits, so get your cocks out and start stroking.Gilly xxx -  (Video) 

DirtyDoctor - On The Couch Pt1

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Spanking Fun Pt11

I demand obedience in my sessions otherwise there will be reprisals Jenny x -  (Video) 

Jenny4Fun - Spanking Fun Pt11

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