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I spent one day at fkk isabellagriend with a friend. We spend a relaxing day completely nude and used sun cream and mass...

NudeChrissy - Shamless With The Visitor HD Video
Video Update

Chris is always nude at home. Today her boy-friend has invited a friend. Chris is sitting completly nude in the living r...

NudeChrissy - Nude Barbeque HD Video
Video Update

I often do barbecues in my garden. Sometimes I invite some friends, sometimes I do it alone. But I am always nude when I...

NudeChrissy - Sports Jizz HD Video
Video Update

This was the result of my first nude trainer-lesson. He sprays his sperm all over my body....

NudeChrissy - The Nude Waitress HD Video
Video Update

Sometimes I have to work as a waitress in this restaurant. There is a special service : after 10 pm the waitress serves ...


This is something I dont usually donude pics, I got John to take some pics of me after getting out of the bath lol It wa...


I stroll nude on the commercial port and I make pee.

NudeChrissy - Walking Naked On The Beach HD Video
Video Update

Chris and her girl-friend Melissa are walking nude and hand-in-hand on the beach. They are completely nude...

NudeChrissy - The Protitute HD Video
Video Update

Chris plays to be a prostitute. In the bar the speaks to a man whether he wants to have sex with her. Chris wears her co...

NudeChrissy - My First Nude Gym Workout  HD Video
Video Update

I decided to do some more sports. I asked a trainer to give me some advices during my training. But when I started my tr...


I like being nude in public and I love a good view. Here I am out on the edge baring it all for you. The wind was blowin...


I started my summer-Holidays for this year last week. My suitcase was very small this time. For a Nudist-Holiday I need ...

NudeChrissy - Hiking In The Woods HD Video
Video Update

My first nude hike in the woods for 2015

NudeChrissy - Mixed Shower HD Video
Video Update

Some men and women decided to have a shower together. They all are completely nude. They have much fun with each other.....


Samantha had a lot of fun at her friends party, but she is home now and it is time to take that pretty dress off Samanth...

NudeChrissy - Nude Breakfast HD Video
Video Update

Today You can visit me with the cam during my breakfast at home. For me it is very important to have some time for break...


Chris has spent her summer holidays in Oasis nudist-resort like every year. She likes to be nude 24 hours a day. She wan...


The Cap Dagde nudist-resort is the biggest resort in Europe. There I enjoy the 24-hours-nudism. You need no clothes for ...


My nude-pool is in my garden. Here I can relax without clothes...

NudeChrissy - Nude Walk HD Video
Video Update

I love it every year to go to a nudist-resort. There I can walk naked all day.

NudeChrissy - My Nudist Garden HD Video
Video Update

I am so happy with my nudist-garden. I can lay nude in the sun, walk around and enjoy the sun. I need no clothes at all ...


One day of exhibitionism, stroll nude on the commercial port, in the wood pissing

NudeChrissy - Chris Visits A Nudist Bar HD Video
Video Update

Chris visited this nudist-bar. She was completely nude sitting at the bar, when the two boys entered the bar. Come on an...

NudeChrissy - Nude Smoking On The Beach HD Video
Video Update

normally I do not smoke , but on this beautiful evening and the great sunset I sat naked on the beach and smoked a cigar...

NudeChrissy - Nude In The Public Pool Pt2 HD Video
Video Update

at first Chris took a shower, completely nude


Traditionally, every year I do a nude walk at end of the nudist-season. Although I often run naked through the woods, bu...

NudeChrissy - Hot Girls In The Pool HD Video
Video Update

My girl-friend Yvi and I had a nice day in my nude-pool. Me need no swim-suites there. I had my underwater-cam with me, ...

NudeChrissy - Nude In The Public Pool Pt1 HD Video
Video Update

Chris visited a public pool. In the changing-room she decided to leave her bikini in the wardrobe. She tried out to go c...


Of course I have to do my own housework. Normally I am always nude at home, but today I am wearing an apron...


There is an old man, living in a nice villa in the neighbourhood of Chris. He asked her to do a little housework for him...


I love Yes the NUDIST and if it is possible I will always love all nude pictures for you. Like this on the bus. Where I ...

NudeChrissy - Nude In The Public Pool Pt7 HD Video
Video Update

Together with her girl-friend Chris had a bi-scene.

Isis - Nap HD Video
Video Update

Hello I just came back from Nudes a Poppin 2014 I won the following titles Miss Nude North America 1st runner up Miss ...


Now you must admit that I really look quite prim and proper in my blue dress, maybe even rather posh, but you know what ...

NudeChrissy - The Nude Maid HD Video
Video Update

A fan of me asked me to clean his house nude for money. No problem for me. I put an apron on and I should wear my boots....


There is one older man in my neighbourhood. He has a big villa and he ask me to help him with his housework once a week....


Cute EvelinaJuliet shows her natural girlie hippie style. Starting in front of the window and walking on to the bed she ...


Of course I will watch the matches of the football championship. I will do this nude in my garden. Perhaps I will visit ...

NudeChrissy - Bukake HD Video
Video Update

Chris and another girl are laying on a bed. Both girls are completely nude. The two men are standing beside the bed. The...


Grandma enjoys relaxing in the warm sun in the garden but invariably I find the warmth of the sun starts to make me feel...

NudeChrissy - Nude Walk Hand In Hand HD Video
Video Update

My girls-friend rented this finca in Mallorca. I visited her for some days. The finca was wonderful situated. Noone coul...


Its the biggest nudist-resort in Europe. You can say its a nude town. You can go shopping nude and You need no clothes i...

NudeChrissy - Nude In The Public Pool Pt3 HD Video
Video Update

Chris entered the pool area without bikini. She walked around completly nude while all other people are clothed.

NudeChrissy - Planting Flowers Naked HD Video
Video Update

In spring time every woman wants flowers in her garden. Also I do. In my house and around it, in my garden I am always n...


EvelinaJuliet shows her girly cuteness in this nude set. She has cute curly hair and happy smile. In the beginning of se...

NudeChrissy - Maspalomas HD Video
Video Update

I spend another week in Maspalomas in 2017. Could walk completely nude in the dunes and enjoy the nudist-beach.


I spent some days in march in fuerteventura. Its a paradise for nudists. You can do long nude walks along the beachline....


I took some new photos for You on these stairs. I was completely nude under my coat...

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