About Me

Tiffany Pearl


Hmmm, allready a difficult one, well I'll let you do a little mathematics, I was born on 12 March 1960. Age is just a number to me but I have to admit, mature woman do rock !

Martial status

I have been happily married for over 30 years now. I guess it took me a while to find me Mr Perfect ! A lot of intensive male testing needed to be done of course, a girl must be sure, don't you agree ?

Favourite colour

I like dark colours. But my favourite colour is purple, I know it's not dark but I always have found it kinda special.


This was is even tougher ! Now I need to give you all my personnel information. I'm 168 cm tall which is 5.5 feet. I have blue eyes, short blond hair (yep a real blond), a shaven muff (completely), rather curvy (at the right places); somethimes pierced and with big hanging natural hooters.


I guess I allways had a thing about helping people one way or another. So that's why I became a nurse. I do love it a lot. Not just because for the handsome doctors and nurses .

Tiffany Pearl


Just to have fun, lot's of fun and to meet a lot of interesting boys and girls . My main ambition you could say is enjoying my life to the maximum of it's possibilities.


Good sweet wine with some Italian food is always welcome. I love to go out to a good restaurant, having a nice dinner with interesting people and listen to what they have to tell.


I have lots of perfumes but my favourite is "Flower by Kenzo". The shaped of the bottle drew my attention (interesting shape for a girl haha) but the sent is really quite intense as well.

Tiffany Pearl


I love all kinds of music. Every occasion needs it's own style of music. When I have dinner I love classic music, light baroc music, but when I go out and hunt .. the techno and trance music makes me even hotter. Afterwards some ambient and mood music makes my evening complete. Tiffany Pearl likes young cock


I try to go to the fitness now and then but it's not easy becaue I rather do more interesting things. When I was much younger I used to be an excellent swimmer, now I still have the moves (try to catch me in the water if you can) but I need to train more.

Zodiac Sign

Fish (guess that's why I move so swiftly in water)

Sexual orientation

At last you will say, now we are getting somewhere. Well I do like to keep the best for last. Do I like men ? Of course ! Do I like woman ? Sure ! If I had to make a decision, well I could not choose, I like and need both !

Sexual position

For sure one needs to try out all possible positions, it's good for staying in shape and often the feeling is quite different. Guess I love the doggie style a lot ( both with men and women, well she needs to put on a strap-on of course LOL ). And a 69 position is perfect for warming up.


Yes I have them. I do not like hairy cocks and muffs. Bald is better, no, bald is best ! And if you are a great kisser as well . Perfect !

I also would like to say that all the action you see in my site is real. I never fake, I would hate it if I had to do that. I also only show you the stuff I really like to do and which I enjoy a lot.

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