Balloons Boobs Baby Oil Pt3

Kaz and I return from a night out and decide that it would be fun to play with some balloons and baby oil We rub the balloons up and down our legs cover them in oil and rub them between our legs and boobs Kaz pushes the top of the oiled balloon onto my clit and just inside my pussy We pluck up the courage to pop a balloon each I use the heel of my shoe to burst mine first and then Kaz bursts hers by standing up and using her heel too We get into a balloon fight whacking each other with the balloons and rolling on the floor over them We oil up the balloons and our tits and Kaz licks my nipples Lots of tit wanking playing with each other oiling up squirty cream down stockings and on tits and then sitting on a balloon each filled with squirty cream and it shooting out from between our thighs We cover each other in cream and lick it off and then finish bursting the rest using our hands We ended up with lots of cream everywhere
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