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RichardMann - Totally Tabitha

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Extreme Big Tits Pain Pt3

Special bdsm session bdsm where my master torture my big tits Stretching of my big udders and my nipples, slaping, whip, bondage with special equipment for extreme crushing of my big tits, nipple clamps, weights, hot wax… I finish with my breasts very painful and marked by this treatment. –  (Video) 

MaryBitch - Extreme Big Tits Pain Pt3

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Black Fishnet Sucking

TITTY LICKIN’ – COCK SUCKIN’ – PUSSY FUCKIN’ GOOD TIMEI don one of my favorite fishnet body stockings that really accentuate my curves for my toyboy He is immediately stimulated as I watch his cock grow strong and long and have to get that boy meat in my mouth and pussyHe regales in sucking this horny mommy’s titttes to make me wetter than the Columbian Jungle during monsoon seasonI just love getting my big 38 Natural DD Titties SuckedI hope you enjoyKisses Busty Bliss –  (Gallery) 

BustyBliss - Black Fishnet Sucking

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Red PVC Pt2

Really hot video scenes concludes with a great fucking in the shitpipe and a good cum shot.Im a real whore for a good boning in the fartpipe –  (Video) 

TraceyLain - Red PVC Pt2

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Red Lacquer Coat

Posing in the photo studio in the new red lacquer coat.And with hot high heels in matching red. –  (Gallery) 

HotMilf - Red Lacquer Coat

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Even Posh Ladies Do

Mark was a distant relation who was visiting from Down Under. At the family gathering, he was constantly glancing in my direction. He eventually plucked up the courage to ask me out on a date after several drinks I felt here was a man who was more interested in an evening of companionship with an erotic tinge to it rather than someone who wanted to get into my knickers as quickly as possible. Don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said for that urgent approach, but variety is the spice of life for me every bit as much as it is for my gentlemen and lady friends.I got to Mark’s hotel a little early and he came down a little late, so I was one glass of white wine ahead of him all through dinner, though he was such excellent company we really didn’t need the wine, we just got on like a house on fire right from the off. We had both spent some time outside the UK, in one case nearly the same place at nearly the same time, and I found myself wondering what might have happened if we had bumped into each other at the time. Maybe what I was expecting to happen when the door closed behind us later The possibility was quite a nice one, and I found myself getting a little turned on at the thoughtThe restaurant had been lovely but a little cosy and quiet, so our conversation there was muted and not as colourful as it might have been – we didn’t want to startle the neighbours There was a definite sexual tension there though, something that gave the lift journey to Mark’s room an extra sparkle. I got through the door unmolested though and was a little surprised when Mark collapsed on the bed, propping himself up on his elbows. I went to kick off my white shoes and join him, but he waved a hand at me and said tenderly’Not yet, Lorna, let me get a look at you first. That is a fantastic dress, you know, it really suits you.’I stood there as he looked me over. Smiling at him I ran through a few poses – a girlish twirl, my favourite coy face, a confident hands-on-hips pose with a deep breath to add just the right degree of perkiness to my boobs and the one where I lean towards a guy in what I call my “see anything you like” pose. His eyes drank me in, but he made no move to touch me, no effort to get me on the bed beside him, and though I could see I was getting to him at least a little I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. I had a small bag with me with some items that might come in handy and fished into it for a fan and was peering out from behind it at him when he finally made a move.’Can I ask a personal question, Lorna. Do you masturbate”I’ve been known to,’ I said, a little puzzled and trying to work out if he wanted a virgin or a whore. The dress suggested the former, but the dampness between my thighs was making me feel the latter right now, so I took a chance.’I started at an early age, you know.”Really Ah, I was forgetting, the girl’s school.’I had told him over dinner that I had spent a few years in an all-female boarding school and I think his imagination had done the rest. I chuckled a little.’No, it wasn’t the hotbed of lesbianism you might think. Not when I started masturbating, anyway. That’s partly why I did, you know’I saw him flush a little at that, and it hit me that maybe it was the contrast between the refined and the sluttish that did it for him.’Don’t be surprised, Mark There have always been times when a lady needs a little sexual release, and if there’s nobody else around to help… even posh ladies masturbate. Would you like to see’I swear he gulped a little there. I held out a hand to him, to encourage him to stand.’There’s a nice armchair over there. Why don’t you sit yourself down, and let me have the bed to play a little’He watched as my posing got a little less ladylike. I lifted my skirt for him, bent over to show him that of course they were stockings, not tights, and just how much my panties had ridden up over dinner.His eyes never left me as I first sat on the bed, then lay back, lifting my skirt, then turning over to push my bottom towards him. I heard an intake of breath, then turned back to face him, running my hands appreciatively over my breasts, cupping and feeling their sweet heaviness and getting myself a little damper in the process.I shrugged the dress off one shoulder, then the other, teasing him by taking hold of the neckline and pulling it lower. flashing him a smile of delight as my bosom accidentally popped out for him to appreciate. I leaned towards him with my eyelids heavy with lust and purred’So, would you like to see me masturbate now, Mark’He nodded – no surprise there – and I peeled my silk Cami Knickers down to my ankles and lay back on the bed. Time for another un-ladylike moment.’Can you see my cunt there, Mark Pay attention, I may be asking questions later’I saw his startled gaze switching between my face and my crotch as if he was fascinated that these lips and those lips could belong to the same woman. With slow deliberate movements, I began to touch myself, feeling those gorgeoussensations that I had first given myself all those years ago. I began to breathe quicker, then remembered there was something else in my bag, something that the boarding school girl could only have guessed at. It was fully charged, and I felt the powerful vibrations, first of all between my lips as I eased the rabbit into me, then outside as I slipped it in to its full length and that lovely V-signbegan buzzing on my clit.I couldn’t last long. I don’t know if it was the wine, the vibrator, the delightfully wanton display or the thought of what the handsome guy in the armchair was about to do to me, but it seemed only a matter of seconds before I started gasping and giving those gentle little cries that I do when I come that way. I waited as the release flooded through me, then turned to him, still a little flushed from my orgasm.’Can I ask you a personal question now, Mark. Do you fuck’He got out of the armchair and began to undress. It turned out he did… –  (Gallery) 

LornaBlu - Even Posh Ladies Do

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Interracial Lick Tit Wank

–  (Video) 

KimberlyScott - Interracial Lick  Tit Wank

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Black Lingerie

I really do hope you like my Black lingerie it looks and feels so Sexy on my body but I soon get my tits out and start to play and it dosent take long for me to spread my wet pussy and finger myself before getting to work with my nice smooth blue glass dildo which really hits the spot and brings me to orgasm.Amy Latina xxx –  (Gallery) 

DirtyDoctor - Black Lingerie

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