Home Improvement

Hubby and I decided to do a take off on the home improvement show Jo Ann Libber show, Bob jet a good blowjob and sticks JoAnn dogging style then blows his hard working cock cum all over her ass, well she knows he did a good job and does the favor by licking up all his juiceKisses Ashley –  (Video) 

AwesomeAshley - Home Improvement

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By The River Pt2

Hi Guys I had got myself nicely worked up so decided to finish myself off with a couple of vibrators I had brought along so I started with a mini wand on my clit but soon turned to bigger vibe and buried it deep into my wet cunt and pounded away until I made myself Cum and squirt all over the placeSpeedybee xxx –  (Video) 

SpeedyBee - By The River Pt2

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The Plumber Pt1

Hi Guys I was not having a very good day, My Fucking Sink was blocked again and I had to call out an Emergency Plumber who soon had it fixed but he wanted to charge me 75.00 for the privilege, there was no way I was going to pay that so I asked him if we could come to some arrangement and he soon agreed once he saw what was on offer.Savana xxx –  (Video) 

Savana - The Plumber Pt1

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