Fairytale Costume Pt1

A really hot fucking vid as i get boned wearing this fairytale costume.I love being fucked and when i look sweet and innocent it turns me on even more –  (Video) 

TraceyLain - Fairytale Costume Pt1

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Bondaged Whipped Masturbated Pt2

My big tits bondaged with a ball gag in my mouth, my Master whips my pussy my ass and he masturbate my pussy with magic wand while whipping my big tits inflated by bondage. I have several orgams and I finish with my wet pussy and my tits marked by this treatment. I love that. –  (Video) 

MaryBitch - Bondaged Whipped Masturbated Pt2

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Stockings Glasses Pt1

Many men love women with glasses and some woman looks with glasses from interesting than without.Whether I belong, I can not say but I like wearing nice glasses.In addition, I need this to read and if it makes you top of that horny, it excites me as well. Then now looking at how I undress for you and stretch my hairy cunt against you. –  (Gallery) 

Caro - Stockings  Glasses Pt1

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Lounge Strip

Hi Guys, How do you like my skimpy black lace lingerie with Red Trim, makes me feel really sexy, but its not on for long as I strip off and finger my Hot wet pussy just for you.Bi-Sexual Samii xxx –  (Gallery) 

DirtyDoctor - Lounge Strip

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Getting Ready to Be Covered In Spunk

Well this week you get to see me covered in spunk, just like any good girl should, I just love cock and seeing a cock spunking his the ultimate.So lets get started first let me get those big tits out, as you can see they really are a big handful, and you would never fit one in your mouth,now its time to take my panties down and open up my cunt lips for you.Time to bend over and spread my ass nice and wide, while spreading my pussy lips at the same time, before I have some cock let me play withmy cunt for you, watch me wank and masturbate it with a nice big sex toy, that really does feel unbelievable a cunt full of sex toy, and the fingersbuzzing on my clit about to fetch me off.Now you can watch me cum with a very explosive orgasm, here I cum oh fuck that was such a dirty and powerful orgasm, I really need some cocknow and I have a nice big cock waiting for me, so let me get my hands and mouth on the cock.Come back later this week and watch me getting covered in spunk, when that big cock shoots it load all over me.LoveMichelle xxxxxxxxxx –  (Gallery) 

Sugarbabe - Getting Ready to Be Covered In Spunk

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Addicted Daughter Pt5

Your hot bratty daughter has been so annoying since she hit her adolescent years. Tired of this, wanting revenge, and constantly horny from living with such a hottie, you had managed to slip a pheromone mixed with his cum into her food. This aphrodisiac has made the daughter addicted to her dad’s cum without her knowing it. Over the weeks she has become more frustrated, agitated, and desperate for her fix without know what that fix is. She has begun to notice how much she loves the natural scent of her dad, and begun to become turned and subservient on by his presence. She even has begun to smell and even lick and suck on his clothes. Unless she takes your cum straight from your cock into her body, she will continue to spiral into withdrawal. He has also pointed out her sex drive has been raised and the combination of her being horny and needing his cum is more than she can bear.ppYou have just come into you daughter’s bedroom catching her masturbating and unsuccessfully trying to quench her uncontrollable arousal. You tell her what you have done to her and how her condition can be solved. At first she is angry, demanding that fine, if you wish to manipulate your daughter, she has no choice but to give him a hand job, but quickly, that is clear that that is not enough. She remembers that she used to catch you stealing her panties and offers to jerk him off into hers after she takes them off. After seeing your cock in person, the daughter begins to become more turned on and desperate, and turns her strategy of making you cum from bossy and stern, to more sweet and loving, and then seductive. She then realizes how good his cock smells and her mouth waters, she then thinks you will quickly cum in her mouth if she seduces you into it and talks dirtier. However, after some oral sex, you son still have not cum. She is becoming more desperate and begins to cry. She thinks about offering him her pussy, but then realizes she is not on birth control and begs him not to put it in her pussy as that would be too wrong, offers that she will do anything else to get his come in her. She offers more oral and is rebuffed. She begins to weep and plead for your cum, that she will do anything else to get it. She hates herself that she has become a desperate slut addicted to sex with her Dad, but has half-resigned to her fate as her moral core is eaten away by the uncontrollable new urges her body is facing. She then has an idea, and with extreme reluctance and excitement at the same time, suggests that her son can use her ass if that will get his cum inside her. She is then sodomized, just wanting to get it over with, and while crying how much it hurts, she also pleads with him to cum in her, to give her the fix she needs. She talks about the fact that you are doing rough anal on your own daughter at her drug-addled insistence in such a fashion as to excite her son and make you cum, she even switches positions a couples of times, sucking his dirty ass covered cock in between to make it feel good for him. After you cum, in order to get every last drop, your daughter scoops the cum running out of her ass in her with her hands and eats it. –  (Video) 

DaisyHaze - Addicted Daughter Pt5

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The Theif Pt4

Just about to leave the club when I saw a guy trashing the bar area. Instead of calling the police I called my friend Lisa and we made him strip as well as lick us and fuck us till we both cum hard. –  (Gallery) 

KimberlyScott - The Theif Pt4

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